Social sharing option

The initial version of the sharing option placement was below the fold, underneath the description. For the user to have access to the sharing option, he would have to scroll down to be able to see the sharing option. After conducting research, we noticed different placements of the sharing option depending on the purpose of the application. As we wanted to make the sharing option more accesible and visible inside the application, we decided to place the sharing icon in the upper right corner of the screen, close to the wishlist icon.

This way, sharing option would be placed above the fold, visible at a first interaction with the page and close to the product image (the item that would be shared).

We also wanted to take advantage of the user's often behaviour of screenshotting the product display image. Instead of just having a screenshot, why not make it delightful by making a customised sharing shot with the brand logo personalising the image? (as seen below).

Customised share

Although introducing a customised share meant having an extra step in the flow, we wanted to introduce instagram stories as part of the options available for sharing (after doing research, we noticed users have the incentive to share product images with their friends via instagram and ask for opinions). The customised share would be triggered by either clicking on the share icon for direct share or pressing the share button inside the "screenshot" share.

Adapting to other devices

Rendering for how sharing option would look like for iPad devices.

Adapting to other devices - screenshot share

Rendering for how sharing option would look like for iPad devices for screenshot share.

Contributing to UI kit

As a small project, I also had to contribute to the new UI kit that was added to Farfetch's design documentation.

You can find me on linkedin, angellist, twitter and insta or email me at alinacolceag@gmail.com