Brandbox website

The marketing website had to be in line with the brand guidelines and also portray the benefits of using the Brandbox platform. Each page of the website had a responsive version.

Telling the story

Why go physical page had the role of explaining the advantages of turning an online store into an offline experience.

Data visualisation

The web platform needed exploration in terms of displaying the data related to each physical store. The platform's main purpose was to offer online retailers the possibility to create and customise their offline store by using the web app.

Login userflow

Screen displaying the login screens. There were multiple iterations on the visual language of the platform to decide what is the best way to match the look&feel of the platform with the brand guidelines.

The process of setting up a store

Displaying the data and the process of setting up a store had to be thought out in a way that was easy for the user to understand what to do at each step. It was also important that the information architecture was responsive-friendly. The web app had to work on web, tablet and mobile.

Mobile version and user screen

View of the mobile version of the platform and listview of managing the users registered on the platform.

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