Platform redesign

Juro is an end-to-end contract workflow platform, designed for the modern business. The product helps legal teams at fast growing businesses make contracts faster, smarter and more human.

I was in charge of all things design, with a main focus on UX/UI. First stage involved redefining and redesigning the product, offering a new look & feel as well as improvements on the overall UX of the platform. Second stage involved designing and implementing new features in the platform.

Full audit of the platform, workshops and ideation

Juro’s platform needed a new redesign, with overall improvements for the UX as well as the UI of the product.

First, I started by doing an UX audit of the entire platform. After identifying the main flows in the platform and understanding how it operates, I noted down the main weaknesses and strengths of the current flows and began to design new layouts for an improved version. Changes to IA where made as well as UX and an entire redoing of the UI.

The main dashboard features a clean UI with filtering and sorting options for the contract list, while the main menu contains a search option and an add option for creating new contracts. Colour-coding to statuses has been added for a better filtering experience as well as an universal "Add" button in the header to allow users to easily create contracts.

Adding drag & drop functionality

The proposal featured a simplification of the UI 
while also readjusting UX patterns in the platform. The styleguide had to be done from scratch, redesigning inputs, fields, statuses, typography, layout and colour scheme.

The platform also has the option to upload PDF contracts, apart from creating them. For this, a drag & drop functionality has been added, to allow users to easily upload their PDF's contracts.

Eliminating confusion on the activity feed and templates

Adding new functionalities that makes the user's life easier was also part of the process. The platform features an activity feed that tracks any type of activity related to the contracts (whether it has been signed, viewed or created). This way, the user can follow and track any type of activity related to the contract.

Based on the user's feedback, in the older version of the platform the user would often confuse the templates with contracts. That's why it was important to create a new view of how templates are seen. It was important for the user to easily distinguish between what is a template and what is a contract. Templates are used and created to generate contracts, while the main dashboard is used only for viewing already created contracts. The new layout features modules specific for templates.

A new dashboard with easily digestible analytics

The analytics dashboard had a restructure. It was important for the data displayed to be as clear as possible while not overcrowding the interface. The analytics dashboard keeps track of how many contracts have been created by the team, how many of them were sent for signing and how many of them were signed.

The platform also has a "team" tab where you can see analytics filtered by each user's activity.

Harmonising the design with a new style guide

Every page of the interface had a redone. Integrations page was readjusted to fit the brand guidelines. Every type of input was redesigned for a universal look & feel throughout the platform.

Billing page

Designing Juro's payment solution. The Juro platform needed the payment solution integrated into the platform. User needs needed to be taken into consideration as well as the type of payment plan Juro has as a SaaS platform. Research was done to understand best UX practices for billing Juro's users, as well as the type of fields that will be required for the user to successfully complete the transaction.

Frictionless payment flow

The payment solution has three steps. First is selecting the type of payment plan, second stage is an inputting card details for payment, third step is an order summary and fourth step is redirecting to the user's billing profile. The user can also add a new card after completing the purchase.

Juro's blog

A new proposal for Juro's current blog, restructuring the content and layout of the blog.

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