B2B platform improvements

From requirements, concept, wireframes, sitemap to UX/UI.

Invoice automation

Automatically generating an invoice.
Invoice automation feature was part of the “project management” feature where freelancers are tracked how much they work for that specific contract and the system will automatically generate an invoice based on the time spent and the rate the contractor had.

User research & workshops

First stage consisted in having a session with the team to sketch up the “how and why” of the invoice automation feature. Determining what every type of user is allowed to do and how will that translate into the feature.

Generating an invoice steps

Next stage consisted in laying out the userflows for the feature, how will the userrights influence the customer’s interaction with the feature.

Translating timesheets into invoices

After userflows were approved, next stage consisted in fleshing out the userscreens of the feature based on the userrights and userflow.

Project budgeting

Keeping track of expenses
Project budgeting feature was an add-on added to the project management feature (the main feature in the platform) for keeping track of the expenses made on the project, both for the B2B product as well as the B2C one.

Other features I worked on

Bulk import CSV files for inviting freelancers / uploading them / parse them / visualise them / edit them
Mobile version for UX/UI of sign-up flows
Redesign of tasks&projects (main feature of Lystable)
Multiple calendar view for scheduling
Talent request features for B2B product

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