Marketing website

Being an early stage startup, my contribution involved all stages of product development. I had full ownership over the B2B as well as B2C platfrom, from IA to UX to UI, adding new features and improving the existing features in the platform as well as full ownership over the marketing site from development(HTML&CSS&Javascript) to design.

A full redesign

From requirements, concept, wireframes, sitemap to UX, UI and further steps.
Goals for redesign included the increase in signups and spreading awareness of the brand.

From concept to finished product

The client wanted a whole new redesign for their marketing site, a new brand identity and basically bring “a new life” to their website.
Started out with understanding the client’s preferences and requirements, layed out the sitemap, went on proposing templates and wireframes for how the new look & feel should be like.

The result

UI/UX - next stage involved bringing the client’s requirements to life and designing the IA for the website - how information should be layed out / what is the information hierachy and finally wrap it into a story for their vision & brand.

You can find me on linkedin, angellist, twitter and insta or email me at alinacolceag@gmail.com