Research & wireframes

Lifted has the mission of revolutionising the healthcare sector by connecting caregivers to clients through web-based application dedicated to helping managers oversee the booking process for caregivers and 2 mobile applications that help caregivers and customers manage their appointments and view their stats.

I first started doing user research to understand the industry, how things are currently done and identify the main features that the MVP requires. I was in charge of doing the user experience for the web platform, conducting workshops with users and doing the UI&UX for the mobile applications.

Research & user workshops

First stage consisted in analysing and understanding how the industry currently handles and manages caregivers. What type of information does the manager need to gather, what type of paperwork is needed for them to gather information about clients and caregivers. What are the issues the manager faces, how is their day-to-day work like.

These workshops were an essential part of identifying what functionalitites the MVP will have. Understanding how their work is currently done as well as the issues they face on a daily basis were the foundation of fleshing out the main features for the MVP.

The web platform featured 4 main tabs that reflect the most important elements of the business. First tab is the dashboard where the manager can have an overview of the upcoming visits scheduled. A visit is a booked appointment between a caregiver and a client that needs care. It also features main stats of the platform.

Second tab features the main calendar for creating and managing appointments. In this tab the manager can have full control of the caregiver and client schedule.

Identifying the main characteristics of an appointment

Workshops were held to understand what is the most important information that needed to be included in each appointment. Each appointment has a specific careplan where details related to entrance, food & medication are described. At the end of each appointment the client is able to submit a review or a complaint for that specific appointment.

The caregiver will submit wellness stats from the mobile application that will be displayed in the appointment tab.

Client tab & client profile

Wireframes for client dashboard displaying basic modules for every profile created. The card displays basic stats for each client such as age, the number of visits the client had and the number of different caregivers that took care of the client.

The client profile has multiple tabs for each type of information that needed to be recorded. The information architecture was fleshed out based on the type of paperwork the manager currently fills in to assess a client. It was important to keep the information as simple and structured as possible.

Careplan tab & structuring data

The careplan was currently done by filling out multiple forms. There was a lot of information that had to be assessed for each client. The main challenge was to understand the main mandatory information that the manager had to assess and translate that into the digital platform.

From the careplan tab the manager can fill the basic information the manager needs to assess a client as well as create the weekly appointments that specify the time and care details the client needs.

Creating the caregiver tab

Last tab of the admin was consisted in managing the caregivers. Similar to elders, it contains a dashboard where the manager can see the caregiver profiles. The caregiver profile structure was created after analysing the type of paperwork the manager currently does to assess the information needed to onboard a caregiver.

In the caregiver profile, the manager is able to fill in data related to his/her experience as well as being able to set the times when the caregiver is available for work.

The caregiver app

The caregiver app is destined to help caregivers manage their own schedule and keep track of each appointment and which steps they have completed. The app features a view of the calendar where caregivers are able to see their appointments in a weekly view or daily view.

Keeping track of appointments

The app features three main tabs, one for viewing the schedule, one for managing a current appointment and one for chatting with the manager. In the appointment view, the caregiver is able to see all the details related to the appointment before checking-in. This way, the caregiver will be informed with the tasks he has to do beforehand.

Filling in an appointment

After the caregiver checks-in, a new view of the appointment will appear where he will be able to tick each step of the process. This way, at the end of each visit, the manager will be able to view all the details in the web admin and see which steps have been completed.

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