Hey, I'm Alina.

Product designer currently living & working in London.

Read more about my background here.

Recent Work

Integrating refer-a-friend option

Designing the refer-a-friend experience

Improving social share

Redesigning social share option

Restructuring will tool

Improving will funnel, increasing conversion

Onboarding & activation - coming soon

Increasing conversion for onboarding flow

Improving purchase flow & designing checkout

Increasing conversion rate for purchase flow

Defining JAAK's web platform

Designing the consumer and B2B applicaton

Brandbox website & platform

Designing the website and web applicaton for Brandbox

Designing Lifted's app

Researching & designing Lifted's web app & mobile app

Platform redesign

Bringing various improvements to Juro's platform

Approval workflow

Making it easy to review and sign-off contracts on Juro

Better onboarding

Fixing onboarding and designing various improvements to Kalo’s B2C platform.

B2B Platform Improvements

Bringing various improvements to Kalo’s B2B Platform.

Kalo's website

Designing and developing a new website for Kalo (Formerly Lystable)

Contact details

You can find me on linkedin, angellist and twitter or email me at alinacolceag@gmail.com


P.S. Website coded by me :)